As we head into the possible financial abyss on Tuesday, I wanted to pass on some food for thought.  This will totally make you shake your head!

I will admit that I cover Apple news alot.  I'm fascinated by how they operate. Other countries are so jealous of their success, the brazenly steal their ideas. To watch them grow from a  floundering company in the '90s to what they are today is nothing less than astounding.  Other companies should definitely study their business model.   Actually, the US government could learn a thing or two from good old Mr. Jobs.

Apple Reports Quarterly Earnings


Get this!  According to an article at

The people who made your Mac now have more money than your government. As of the end of the day yesterday, the US had a $73.8 billion operating cash balance, Business Insider reports. Apple, meanwhile, had $76.2 billion.

The numbers are  a little deceiving, because the government's figure shows how much they can spend before they hit the debt ceiling, where in Apple's case, it's their balance sheet, according to the Business    But it does show how powerful Apple is, or more importantly, how lame our financial situation is right now.

I'll be the first to admit - between the I-Mac, the I-Phone,  and the Ipad, I think they have definitely transformed my life into the I-Life (which became the basis of this parody)!






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