When you go to your mailbox to get your bills, or maybe another stimulus check, be on the lookout for a suspicious package. These disguised packages could contain seeds that could be very harmful. Here's what to look for. According to News 10 ABC, several states have already had residents report suspicious packages being delivered to their homes not containing what it says on the package, but seeds.

The United States Department of Agriculture has issued warnings about these foreign seeds that have been shipped unsolicited. The package appears to be sent from China with Chinese writing on the front of the package and stating that there is jewelry inside. These are not jewelry packages, they contain seeds. More and more of these seeds are being delivered to US residents. They have shown up in Tennessee, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida. Now they are popping up in New York state.

The warning from agriculture officials is to not plant or handle the seeds. They fear they may be harmful to trees and plant life if they are planted. They believe they could contain an invasive plant species. You are also requested to keep them away from kids and pets. The seeds, if planted, could be a species of noxious weeds and be harmful to livestock.

If you do receive the suspicious seed package you are to email the United States Department of Agriculture with your full name and telephone number along with pictures of the package and anything else you deem relevant.

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