Note to self: If I commit a crime, do not post about it on Twitter.

Albany gang member, Olaijaide Chapman, 27 basically handed the police their case in a series of tweets. Chapman was convicted of attempted murder back on May 27th along with plotting to hire two hitmen kill Marquis Mitchell, 24 who survived a prior attack in April of 2014.

Chapman believed Mitchell and his rap group, The Smokeboys to be responsible for a 2012 shooting in which he was injured.

Prior to the murder attempt last month, Chapman tweeted, "Sendin my hittas." Later tweeting, "Try me and end up smoked," along with, "See us we mean business." After Mitchell was shot, he then tweeted, "hospital."

What a great idea. Yes, tweet about everything. It won't come back to bite you at all. I promise. Oh, wait, until the police see 'em. Then it might come back to bite you and send you to jail for 25 years to life.

From the Times Union:

Jurors deliberated just 21/2 hours over two days before finding Chapman guilty of offering the would-be killers $2,000 to ambush Mitchell under the premise of selling him tickets to a music show.

The hitmen, Desonte Welch and Shaqquis Salmond, both later testified against Chapman.

Chapman was convicted of two counts of attempted murder, conspiracy and assault. Jurors acquitted him of attempted robbery charges.

"He can't help himself from tweeting everything that happened, which is what ultimately leads us to him," the case prosecutor, Assistant District Attorney Shannon Corbitt, said in closing arguments.