Wow, we stumbled on quite the topic today. Last night my wife was telling me about an episode of "Anderson Live". In it they discussed whether letting young girls take an exercise class involving a pole is exploitative. Some people believe that it is just opening a door, or giving a girl a "tool" she can use to become a stripper, others see it as great core exercise involving acrobatics.

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Jeff and I disagreed on this and many of our listeners did as well. While I think we can debate the benefits of such exercise, I don't think a "pole" is anything other than an inanimate object. It isn't a gateway drug to middle aged men throwing dollar bills at you. I don't think the pole makes the stripper any more than the getaway car makes the bank robber.

In fact I believe it was my hero , Stephen Colbert who said, "I am a pole (and so can you!)".  What did the poor pole do to you?

As far as I understand, these girls are dressed in as much as if not more than a gymnast, there is no music or even "dancing" involved. It is more core intensive exercise. I think you could argue that youth cheer leading would be more "like" what happens in an actual strip club. There is music, short skirts, hip gyrations etc. Now, don't get me wrong I'm not saying that cheerleaders are exotic dancers, I'm just saying does the pole make the stripper? Or is it just a pole?

We had a ton of calls this morning and we just couldn't get them all on the air so I am now giving you all this chance to fight it out. Let's have your comments and opinions, just be nice.