Bryttni Walter from Rotterdam told friends that she knew Scotty McCreey's 'This is It' was going to be her wedding song when she first heard in on the radio back in 2018.  What she didn't know, was that on that her special day, she and her new husband Brendan Doak would get the surprise of a lifetime from the country star himself.

Scotty McCreery - always classy and always kind - took a few moments out his busy day at GNA's 'Concert on the Course' on Saturday to record a personalized video for the newlyweds after GNA learned how much it would mean to them.  Moments after we were able to get Scotty to record the message, we sent it to a friend who was at their wedding and he along with the DJ played it for them while the celebration was in full swing.  Congratulations to the happy couple Bryttni and Brendan!  We were as thrilled to provide the video to you as we believe you both were to receive it.  Cheers!

Check out Scotty's message to the happy couple and watch their reaction down below!


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