The Big Game is this Sunday! Super Bowl 46 between the Giants and the Patriots. For some it's all about the game and for some it's all about the commercials. Every year there some great ads during the biggest game of the season. This is a list of my favorites of all time.

5. Bud Light-Will Farrell as Jackie Moon

In a cross promotion of the  movie "Semi-Pro", Farrell's character Jackie Moon has some interesting pitch lines to sell Bud Light. Hilarity ensues!

4. Budweiser-Lizards and Frogs

These ads ran thoughout the Super Bowl in 1997. The Frog commercials were great, add the Lizards and you have a classic!

3. Snickers-Betty White

The reason for Re-emergence of Betty White and a reason why she rules!! Ya gotta love the "That's not what your girlfriend says" line.

2. Coca-Cola-Mean Joe Greene

An absolute classic commercial. The fact that I am a Steelers fan makes it one of my favorites as well.

1. Budweiser-Troops Coming Home

A great commercial where no words are said, I got choked up the first time seeing this ad and it still gets to me when I watch it.

I can't wait to see what the advertisers have in store this year. So what is your favorite Super Bowl Commercial?

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