When I can sit down and just veg out and relax, you bet your fancy I'm going to be watching one of my favorite movies. (Okay, the other option is binge watching 7 episodes of a new television show, but you know what I mean.)

We all have movies that we've watched over and over again. I've seen Titanic more times than I probably should admit to (I mean, it's 3 hours long!) I'm also a pretty big fan of Accepted, The Notebook and Finding Nemo, to name a couple. I can most likely recite the lines to A League of Their Own perfectly and do a mean Marisa Tomei impersonation from My Cousin Vinny. Like I said, we all have "those movies." So, think of your list and let me know if you agree with the Top 10 provided by Ranker.com. They claim these are the Most Rewatchable Movies of All-Time:

  1. Forrest Gump
  2. Back to the Future
  3. Star Wars: New Hope
  4. Jurrasic Park
  5. Princess Bride
  6. Raiders of the Lost Ark
  7. Die Hard
  8. Groundhog Day
  9. Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back
  10. Shawshank Redemption

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