I love when a company finds a way to both advertise their product and truly entertain us with a commercial that makes us laugh, cry, or think. Imagine if they all took the time to really try to make their commercials a little more meaningful. Usually these sort of commercials are reserved for the Superbowl or some other highly rated "television event", in this case it's just McDonald's latest ad.

I think I figured out what was happening about halfway through the commercial and I don't think it will take you much longer than that, but that really doesn't seem to effect how powerful, simple and yet beautiful the message is.

What is that message? Well I think it may be different for everyone but for me it was an observation into the relationship between parents and children and how everything we do and learn is better when it is shared and passed down to another.

Whatever you see as the message or if you even see one at all, I think you will like it too.It also doesn't hurt that the soundtrack is one of my favorite songs, yes I love Cindy Lauper so what?

Take a look and let me know what you think.

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