Edeka is Germany's largest supermarket and quite possibly one of the world's best reminders of what the Holiday season is all about. It's funny really that some of the most touching , important or memorable messages in our world often come from advertising. This commercial is no exception.

It begins with an elderly man who clearly lives alone listening to a voice mail from his daughter and grand kids explaining how they wish they could but wont be able to make to see him this Christmas, but they will certainly make it the next year. Then it quickly shows the elderly man eating Christmas dinner alone over the next few years.

The message becomes clear quickly, we all get far to wrapped up in our day to day lives and sometimes forget what really matters, family. It is so easy to forget that while you are so busy with work and the kids and the stresses of it all, someone else is just as busy missing you. This is of course a message we all need to HEAR and remember, before it's too late.

Merry Christmas.

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