Being new to GNA and new to country, as a whole, it should make complete sense that everything I'm hearing, I'm hearing for the first time. As a music junkie of sorts, I'm like a kid in a candy store! My family is very music oriented and I was always surrounded by all sorts of music, but honestly not really much country. You tend to listen to what you grew up with, so it never really ended up on my iPod either, with a few exceptions (Sam Hunt, Carrie, Hunter Hayes, etc.) So, starting at 107-7 GNA was exciting for plenty of reasons, including the musical change.

I've decided that while not everything we play is brand spankin' new (though a lot of it is), it's all new to me and why not throw together my Top 5 Country Songs of the Moment?! Here's what I'm diggin'!

Thomas Rhett - T Shirt

Dan & Shay - From the Ground Up

Keith Urban - Wasted Time

Jason Aldean - Dirt Road Anthem

Rascal Flats - I Like the Sound of That


Sam Hunt - Make You Miss Me

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