Is it fall or autumn?

Matt Cardy, Getty Images News
Matt Cardy, Getty Images News

I prefer fall but whatever you call the season that is upon us it is by far my favorite season of all. And just like we can't agree on what to call it , we probably wont agree on what makes it so great but I would love to hear why you love fall, too. Some of you may actually say "Oh I love when the trees change color it's so beautiful" Yes, but after that week and a half you gotta break out the rake and that just is not fun.

I'm ready for cool nights, perfect for sleeping with the window open a crack, I'm ready to get my fireplace going again and even smelling pumpkin spice EVERYTHING in every store. I'm ready.

I'm so ready I even made a quick list of the first things to come to mind and here are my top 5, favorite things about fall.

5. The kids go back to school! - I'm not sure this needs an explanation right parents?

4. Fall Fashion! - I know a lot of people like less clothes and summer shorts, flips and tank tops but I always like the options you have in the fall. Let's be honest here, it's so much easier to hide faulty areas with extra fabric that fall provides. I also LOVE sweaters


3. Fall Food - I love barbecue but by this time every year I'm ready to smell something hearty roasting in the oven. I'm ready for some slow cooked  beef stew or chili . I'm ready for TURKEY!

2. The Holidays - Thinking about the turkey made me think about Thanksgiving and that is absolutely my favorite holiday for so many reasons. I also have always enjoyed Halloween, and my birthday is between the two so I LOVE the start of the holiday season.

1. FOOTBALL and Fall TV - I put these two together because they both happen on the same device but they are different but both life long loves of mine. I mean I can't wait to see what is happening with "Blacklist", "Marvel's Agents of Shield" and my best nerd friends on "The Big Band Theory". I live and bleed green for my Philadelphia Eagles though.

So, how did I do? What fall things are you the most excited about? Let me know!

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