When the end of the year gets here, it's hard to look back and remember everything that took place. What made the biggest impact? What was viewed most and why? What happened in Albany? What silliness made our local news?

So after the numbers were run, here are my Top 5 posts based on your views.

1) We never expected this to happen in our area and then it did. The shooting, that has since been found was gang related, took place only a month ago at Crossgates Mall and left the entire Capital Region shook. READ MORE


2) It seemed like every former employee of Stewarts and even some current ones were replying to this post about a lawsuit. In the lawsuit it states Stewarts allegedly doesn't pay their employees all of the hours the work, along with not enough employees working at a time, no breaks, etc. READ MORE


3) I know so many people who just love tattoos and even I myself have a couple. One of the shops I went to for my first tattoo made the list that you voted for of "The Top 5 Tattoo Shops" in the Capital Region. READ MORE


4) I myself have realized after this past weekend why Sears locations across the country are closing shop. If it has to do with Customer Service, I've learned, at least when it comes to their online and phone number for support it deserves less than a one star. READ MORE


5) Who wants to get a flat tire? Not me. But, it happened in Cohoes and this story of a gas station attendant helping in my time of need gave everyone a warm and fuzzy. READ MORE



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