Does anyone remember their first spelling bee? It's kind of a weird thing if you think about it. At least mine was. I'm pretty sure we were all forced to participate. Which is always a good start for a kid. The teacher would call on every student and they'd have to stand up and spell the word. If we didn't get it right we would have to sit down and if the public humiliation wasn't enough we would then have to watch the kids who were still in.

From the Times Union, The 35th Annual Capital Region Spelling Bee took place yesterday at Proctors in Schenectady. Students battled it out over 350 words.

After a day of some hard spelling, Dhruv Kaderu from Wappingers took the gold.

The winning word was "shrieval".

I've got to give it to Dhruv for getting that one right. I don't think I could have spelled that word now, let alone when I was in 8th grade.



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