Chance To Sing In Front Of Thousands
If you are an aspiring singer or you love to sing the National Anthem, there is a contest that is made for you. Here are all the details on how you can be singing in front of thousands this summer.
Say Hello to The Capital Region Spelling Bee Champ
Does anyone remember their first spelling bee? It's kind of a weird thing if you think about it. At least mine was. I'm pretty sure we were all forced to participate. Which is always a good start for a kid. The teacher would call on every student and they'd have to stand up and spell the word. If we…
When You Win the Powerball Tonight, Do These 5 Things ASAP
Even though your chances of winning tonight's $450 million Powerball jackpot are about 290 million to one.  I want to help you be smart if, by some miracle of a chance, you do win!
Here are the 5 things you need to do as soon as you find out you're the lucky one-
Aldean at SPAC
I can't wait for this Friday night! The final concert in the summer concert series at SPAC! What a great one to end on, with Jason Aldean,  Florida Georgia Line and Tyler Farr. Here are three rocking partying country acts here in town on a Friday night! I can't think of a better way t…
Here’s How You Can Always Win Rock, Paper, Scissors
My handsome husband is literally an award-winning Rock, Paper, Scissors player!  No joke, at one point he was one of the world's top-25 players!
But now, thanks to researchers at MIT, I can guarantee he'll be a champion.
As long as the person he's playing against isn't ALSO re…
Are You The Winner?
Here we go New Yorkers!  Look everywhere, in your car, under your bed, in your purses (LADIES I know things can get lost in there). One of us could be holding a 1 MILLION DOLLAR Powerball ticket and lose out on cashing it in!
It's been almost a year and the holder of this ticket: &ldqu…
Do You Think You Should Let Your Kids Win at Board Games?
So with Christmas coming, I'm sure your house may get a new board game or two. I just saw an interesting study that showed that Moms are far more likely to let their kids beat them at games than Dads. I guess it goes with the whole boosting self esteem, nobody's a loser , everyone gets a t…