Say Hello to The Capital Region Spelling Bee Champ
Does anyone remember their first spelling bee? It's kind of a weird thing if you think about it. At least mine was. I'm pretty sure we were all forced to participate. Which is always a good start for a kid. The teacher would call on every student and they'd have to stand up and spell the word. If we…
What is the Most Commonly Misspelled Word in New York
Google took the data from millions of searches to find the word that people in every state have the most trouble spelling.
Some of the most funny ones include -
People in Alaska can't spell "Hawaii"!
People in Arkansas and Utah can't spell "leprechaun&…
In Jeopardy
That's ridiculous, isn't it?  One simple spelling eror and a 12 year old kid is denied his prize on Jeopardy.  Totally absurd!  Or do you think it's justified?  Let's see how you stand on this important isue.