It's a little bit of nostalgia for us at WGNA as we watch the last structure from the Latham Circle Mall get bowled down.  Why?

Well, because that's where we used to do our broadcasts from.  We had studios and offices on the second floor of the Latham Circle Mall for probably 10 years?   Here's a shot of someone famous who visited us there once

photo by Richie Phillips

According to the, the former Latham Circle Mall will be renamed the Shoppes at Latham Circle, although currently the only store that they've announced so far is a new Walmart SuperCenter.  I think they're gonna need a few more stores to fill out the property.  We'll see what's coming.

Here's a piece of trivia that I learned recently. Do you know where the geographic center of the Capital Region is?  It's Latham!  So there you have it - the perfect place for a mall.  Personally, I think they'll have no problem. Location, location, location.

Sorry - I can't continue.  I can't type with tears in my eyes.  I loved it when the station was there personally, and think we should be there again, but nobody asked me….

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