I'd like to think if I were in this situation that I'd be brave enough to defend myself but I don't know if I could. I give all of the credit in the world to these two for not only supporting and looking out for each other but for the business they've built.

Gurchran Singh and his wife Parvinder Chahal of Markanda Market on Hamburg Street in Rotterdam went to work like they do every day but they weren't expecting what was going to happen (neither were the robbers).

If you take a look at the footage, Singh and his wife were in the store waiting for the next customer to walk in. What they didn't see was over to the side, two men putting on ski masks getting ready to rob. According to CBS 6, two men armed with knives expected to come in, rob the store and leave but what they didn't realize was the metal bat that Singh had hidden behind the counter.

The owners acted quickly. Singh grabbed a bat and his wife not only hit the emergency button but grabbed a stick to help! The robbers ran out and Singh followed right after, jumping in his friend's truck and following them until police arrived. The two robbers have been apprehended and are facing numerous charges, such as first-degree robbery.

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