Rotterdam Man Saves Baby Ducks Trapped in Sewer (Video)
Not all heroes wear capes, do they?  Less than a minute into this heartwarming video, those words are overheard in a conversation between a Rotterdam homeowner and another man laying flat on his stomach, attempting to save all eight of a mother duck's babies trapped in a sewer basin.
Local Pet Store Shell-Shocked After Surveillance Video Discovery
Employees of a local pet store were surprised recently when in-store surveillance video  captured a woman - in the store with a young child - stealing from them.  The woman in the video snatched up two reptiles and put them in her purse.  A reward is being offered for any information …
Schenectady Bakery Closing Doors After 30 Years
There are a few things you don't mess with when it comes to Schenectady and one of those things is the quality of our Italian food. Sad news, though, we're going to have one less great Italian landmark this week.

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