This is now year 18 of the Reading, Writing and Rhyming School Tour. It's unbelievable, but it's true.  Heck, I'd do another 18 if I could.  Besides being on the air, it's the most fun I've ever had behind a piano.  And the fun's about to continue.  I want to come to YOUR school.  Here's how to sign up

Because of the generosity of a fantastic, longtime sponsor

...this program continues to be FREE of charge to area schools. I thank them for their committment to the program and to education in our community -especially in the face of budget cuts, teacher lay-offs and all that yucky stuff.

But back to the requirements for an appearance:

1.  Classes must be grades 1-6 only

2. Maximum class size of 30 or less, please

3. The TEACHER must request the visit, so please pass the word to him/her.

4. If possible, I would like to feature the kids' class photo on my article that I put on , but would need to know that all children have permission to do so.  This is optional, of course.  If you would prefer not to have them on the site, no problem.

5. I prefer to do my visits in the morning.  My best time is approximate 11am to start.  I can't get to you much earlier.  The program runs about an hour, give or take.

What's the program about? We come up with a subject ( it could be a reinforcement of good character traits, anti bullying message, or it could be any other topic you may be covering in class)  How about a jingle promoting your school?  We can do that too!

I then record the kids singing, and it airs on 1077 'GNA the next morning on the Sean and Richie Show

After it airs, the song is posted on the website, and it stays on there ad infinitum so you can replay it or download it to your computer.

I'm proud, honored and flattered to tell you that it has been the recipient of 2 New York State Broadcasters Awards for Best Community Service programming. I only include this fact so if a teacher is not aware of the program, you might be able to sell them on this little bit of info.

You can email me the name of your school, teacher's name, contact info, grade level and class size.  I can then get back to you and we can figure out availability