I was definitely affected by a story we covered the other day about a task force set out to make Halloween costumes less offensive. I'm definitely on board with this.  We are not sensitive enough these days.

You can read the story here at DownTrend.com. I think it makes TOTAL sense.  So much so, that I have decided to create a song that summarizes the costumes that would be most insulting.  You can hear it below.  The lyrics are beneath the video.

PC Halloween

©2015 Richie Phillips All Rights Reserved

You must beware this Halloween, the worst you have to fear
Is hurting someone's feelings
We're more sensitive each year

And we've prepared a careful list
That's a must for all to see
Costumes that will not offend
And treat all equally

You can't be mean
On this on this PC Halloween

Have a beret or sombrero please leave that at home
Unless it's representative of a culture that your own
And son you can't excess arise with lipstick on your face
(Unless you want) the L-G-B-T clan jumping your case
Cant be obsene
On a PC Halloween

if you insult the height impaired oh that is blasphemy
to dress like an Oompa Loompa from the Chocolate factory
To don a cane and powdered wig
Insults the elderly
piss off a senior citizen is a PC felony
don't make a scene on a PC halloween

there shall be no mockery please assume a neutral tone
the best way you can not offend - ah just stay at home
no in between on a PC halloween

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