As much as I love seeing all the kids dressed up for Halloween when people dress up their pets, it's much more entertaining. This year we decided to dress up our dog, Freddie. Check out the pictures and video of Freddie and his "special delivery". In the past, Freddie has been Eeyore, a lion, a cowboy dog, and even an elf. This year we found him a costume that, when he runs, it looks like he is walking toward you. I give you Freddie the UPS man. He even has a package that he is bringing to you.

Chrissy, Townsquare Media
Chrissy, Townsquare Media

Now the pictures are pretty adorable. Just look at that little UPS hat that stays on his head. I have to admit he looks great in that uniform. What can brown do for you, you ask? Check him out delivering his first package to us.

Do you dress up your dog for Halloween? What are some of the costumes you put them in?

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