As you get ready to celebrate Halloween, you will also be enjoying the one day a year you can break a wacky New York state law.

And it has to do with wearing masks in public. The New York penal code says it is illegal " congregate in public with two or more people while each is wearing a mask or any face covering disguising their identity," according to the New York Post. 

So why the need for such a wacky law? The Post story says the law was enacted in 1845 to prevent "tenant farmers" from disguising themselves and attacking police in response to "...lowering of wheat prices." At this point, the law probably does not have a useful purpose and I would doubt it is ever enforced. Regardless, the Post says it does not apply to Halloween or masquerade parties.

So if you feel like doing something 'evil' for Halloween, don't do anything crazy! You are already kind of breaking a New York law by going out in a group; just stay out past midnight to do something a little evil.

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