Get This Wine Calendar to Help Through Holidays
It is only the end of September and holiday gift packs are already starting to appear in stores. The newest is this twelve-days-of-Christmas wine calendar to get you into the season early. I am not mad at hurrying 2020 along, are you?
Fireball Eggnog Available For Holidays
I know that Halloween is still over a month away, but it looks like there is delicious eggnog coming our way just in time for the holiday season. It will be available at your local Walmart for everyone to enjoy.
5 Items To Buy My Son With Amazon 1 Day Shipping
Get ready for the shipping wars to begin. We are an Amazon Prime household and we learned this week that they are offering one-day shipping just in time for the holidays. But we are taking advantage of it now. Here are a few items we are going to buy for our son that he needs now.
Finally a Gingerbread House That I Will Build and Eat
Every holiday season, my son, Ryan, insists on building and eating a gingerbread house. Every time I cringe at the thought of that awful cookie flavor. Now my prayers have been answered. There is a new holiday house kit that is delicious and fun to put together.
Bud and Jim Beam Made A New Lager
There will be a new lager on the shelves soon that combines Budweiser and Jim Beam Bourbon. Its flavor is perfect for the fall season and the holidays but it will only be available for a limited time.
Toys 'R' Us Coming Back
It's been weird that Toys 'R' Us has gone out of business. There is a glimmer of hope, however, that they may be resurrected by the end of this year on a smaller scale.
I Seriously Have No Idea What Day It Is Anymore
Is it just me, or have the holidays just completely thrown everybody's internal clock way out of whack?  Between days off and my already relatively crazy schedule, I think I'm turning into a crazy person.  Check that; I know I'm turning into a crazy person.  I don'…

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