Have 'Proof' Of Paranormal Activity? Let Our Experts Take A Look
This is one of our favorite times of the year.  Who doesn't like talking about orbs, silhouettes, and creeky noises from the stairwell? Many people claim to have experienced some sot of 'paranormal activity' but we wanna see some photos and maybe even videos.  We want your s…
Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe This Halloween
Every Halloween we bring our dog, Freddie, to either my mom's house or board him. This way we know he is stress free and safe. If you aren't able to have the option, here are some tips that can keep your furry friend calm during the witching hours.
Is 'Trunk-or-Treating' Really A Thing?
I'm the dad of a 3 year old boy and as I was looking for Halloween things to do with him this weekend multiple suggestions came to me from friends, family, etc. One particular suggestion came up on multiple occasions: trunk-or-treating. Why do I literally feel like the last person on Earth to k…

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