Love Cowboy Helps Dad With Trunk or Treat [AUDIO]
Each weekday the Love Cowboy comes on with Brian and Chrissy trying to help out a Capital Region listener with a relationship dilemma. He is sometimes harsh, sometimes he's nice, but for the most part, he is straight forward. This time he tries to help out Paul in Niskayuna.
Chrissy Yells Halloween Cheers at Son's Game [AUDIO]
My son Ryan is on a fall baseball team and it is so much fun to watch his team play. This past Sunday was his last doubleheader of the fall season. I didn't let up, though. I was just as loud and obnoxious. I also added a Halloween twist to my cheering.
No Tricks-Free Cheesecake Treat This Week
2020 has given us plenty of tricks but now it's time to get treated just in time for Halloween. The Cheesecake Factory is offering up slices of their "candy" cheesecakes for free all this week. Here's how to get your own sweet treat.
Local Mall Cancels 45 Year Old Halloween Event
2020 has been the worst year for events and gatherings due to the coronavirus pandemic and now that Halloween is around the corner, more events are being canceled. This time it's an event that has been held for forty-five years.
Probing the Purple Pumpkin’s Purpose
We've all heard of the Purple Heart, The Color Purple (great movie starring Oprah), Purple Rain, The Purple People Eaters, and even the less popular (and quite painful) purple nurple.  But this Halloween, if you see a purple pumpkin on someone's porch, it doesn't mean they've had it out so long that…
Check Out This Wizardly Wild Guilderland Home [Gallery]
Many families throughout the Capital Region have done some incredible Halloween decorating on their homes this year. As rough as the pandemic has been at times, it also seems to have inspired many people as well.  More and more of us are giving back, spreading some joy, acting in a kinder gentler wa…
Chrissy Cheers on Son's Team -Ruins Halloween
I really enjoy watching Ryan play baseball and love cheering him and his teammates on. I admit I get a bit loud and sometimes obnoxious. It is all done in good fun and now I am shouting out things to his teammates to get them motivated.
Halloween Yard Inflatables [Gallery]
It's time to start decorating for Halloween. If you are looking for some different ideas to display on your lawn this Halloween, take a look at a few of them I found online. Depending on if you want to go super scary or kid-friendly, there is something for everyone.
Cuomo’s Halloween Mandate a Welcome Treat
It seems like everything we're told to do or not do comes right down to the eleventh hour, but on Tuesday, the Governor made the announcement regarding Halloween.  I'll admit, I was a little bit surprised that the Governor's ruling on trick-or-treating in New York state this…
Halloween Time - Here Are Some Pet Costume Ideas [PICS]
Halloween is right around the corner and we may or may not dress up and go trick-or-treating but we always like to dress up our dog in a cute or funny costume. Check out the pictures of our dog, Freddie, from past Halloweens and take a look at some of the pet costumes that are available this year fo…
Double M Ditches Hayride for Drive-Thru Haunt
Haunted hayrides in the Capital Region are a big deal.  It's a tradition every Fall for people to get together with friends looking to get into the Halloween spirit by getting the living daylights scared out of them. One of the areas top haunted attractions isn't letting the pandemic get them down a…

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