Many people might think to themselves, " glad those nasty hurricanes are now  a memory".  Not if you drive out to places like Schoharie County.  The need is still great, trust me.  All the more reason to replay a phenomenal song written by kids in the thick of it all. In fact, they had a huge concert event this past Saturday to raise money, and I had the pleasure of accompanying some great songwriters as they performed their new hit, "We Can Rebuild".  This was a song written during a visit to Mrs. Yager's class at  Schoharie Elementary.

Many of you have heard the original.  It made the rounds on Facebook, and we appreciate you clicking on it.

But to hear them sing this live would guarantee to bring a tear to your eye.  I saw it with my own eyes as scanned the audience-many of them being those afflicted from this horrible tragedy.

Here is the video clip.

Special congrats to the kids and all those who joined them in the singing of the song on stage.  It was a thrill for me to be a part of it  And thanks as well to Principal, Mrs. Gillis for her help and encouragement with this project.  And special thanks for Mrs. Yager's husband for taking the video!

I'm sure there will be other fundraisers ahead, so please support them going forward.  It's going to be  a very long haul until things are back up and running!

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