It's Friday night at about 11:15PM.  Been up since 3:45 this morning. It's been a very long day, but I would do it all again in an instant.  I had the honor and privilege of being invited after the show to go to Schoharie Elementary School to help kids write a song about the devastating floods.  I'm so proud of what they came up with that I want to get this out tonight!

I think we have a tendency to see things on the news, react emotionally, and then go on about our lives thinking "well, so glad that's over and done with".   Sorry, but this recovery is far from over, trust me!  One short drive through the town will prove that to you.  Peoples' belongings piled on the sidewalk all over the town.  This is just one slight example!

house with garbage outside

Businesses completely closed up.  A literal ghost town.  Some had inspirational signs showing their spirit and desire to rebuild.

schoharie business with sign
irene sign schoharie

Inside the Schoharie Elementary school, the first thing you pass is the main office, and then, down the hallway, the auditorium.  One like you or I have never experienced, and never hope to! It was a treasure trove of supplies donated by people from all over to help these poor families.   One lady was "shopping" as I was taking photos.  It made me really stop and realize just how amazingly resilient people have to become in times like these.

schoharie elementary auditorium

I realize I haven't shown you many of the severely damaged homes.  I felt like I was violating their privacy, to be honest.  There was one house with about 10 men outside working on it.  I walked up to one of them and asked if I could grab a shot of them working.  He politely declined, saying "we're not here for publicity".   I wish I could have convinced him that I wasn't either, but I left it alone.

One local church set up a supply station for all the volunteers.

church supplies

I spoke with the coordinator, Sarah Goodrich, about the need for more supplies in case you are interested in giving to the cause.  She gave out some very important information.

But now back to the real subject at hand, the talented kids from Ms. Yager's class, a fantastic teacher whom I've worked with several times thru the years.  All the visits have  been memorable, but this one I will definitely never forget.  We wrote and recorded this song in about an hour.  They did an amazing job, to say the least.  I wish we could make this into a video in the style of "We Are The World"!    Be that as it may, here is the song, with some additional instruments added in my home studio.

Lyrics  to "We Can Rebuild"

©2011 Richie Phillips and Schoharie Elementary  All Rights Reserved


We’re the kids from Schoharie where some have lost their homes

But with our friends and neighbors we are not alone.

The water and the flooding from Hurricane Irene

Has caused more devastation than we have ever seen!


We will rebuild, cause we are strong

It will be hard, it might take long.

Thanks to your help, you know we will…

We will rebuild!!!!!!!


People on the radio listen to our song

We’re looking toward the future, it’s a brand new dawn.

Thanks for your donations and everything you do

But we are not hopeless if we get help from you!


We will rebuild, cause we are strong

It will be hard, it might take long.

Thanks to your help, you know we will…

We will rebuild!!!!!!!!!


schoharie elementary class shot
photo by Richie Phillips

They deserve a standing ovation for this!  I can't tell you what a rewarding experience this was to be invited out.  Special thanks to Principal Maryellen Gillis as well-not only a dedicated professional, but dedicated country music fan too!!

On behalf of everyone at the Sean and Richie Show, thanks again.  I think I stumbled upon some future radio stars here, don't you?  In fact, we better watch out.  We can easily be replaced!  We're not the only "Sean and Richie" team in the area!

Shawna and Richie

(Their actual names are Shawna and Richie, but close enough!!!)


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