Ahhhhhhh!  A dream realized.  I got a chance to return to a school that brought back so many amazing memories for me personally- Schoharie Elementary School. 

What can I say about teacher Karen Yager and Principal MaryEllen Gillis that hasn't been mentioned before?  I could go on and on about their dedication and committment to  education and their community.

They love the radio station out there, and the kids have an AMAZING working knowledge of country music and song parody writing!

They wanted to take the song "Pontoon", by Little Big Town and change it to write a song about their "Classroom". Brilliant!  That's half the battle - coming up with the idea.

Want to hear the finished product?  Here it is!

mp3 version (right click to downloard and save)

Schoharie Pontoon lyrics
photo by Richie Phillips



Schoharie Elementary combined classes
photo by Richie Phillips

We even

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