A Bday Shoutout To 'The Best Of The Best'
If he were still alive, my best friend Joe, aka Poker Joe, would have turned 45 today.  Undoubtedly, we would have spent last night -since it was a Saturday -  eating some sushi, having a few drinks and celebrating with our friends. Joe passed away unexpectedly a little over 3 years ago.  Joe was ta…
New Oreo 90 Years In The Making
I love Oreos, but I don't like all of the weird flavors they have come out with. These new Oreos are not only delicious, but they celebrate one of my favorite characters.
Chrissy's Nana Is 103 Today
I definitely know how blessed I am to be celebrating my Nana's 103rd birthday with her today. She is truly amazing and I would love to share some interesting things about her on her special day.
Capital Region Birthday Freebies [LIST]
My birthday is on Monday, December 18th and I tried looking up what free or discounted things I could get and it's always the same boring list and usually none of them are local, until now!

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