An ice cream chain that I have known since my childhood is having a milestone birthday. To celebrate, they are coming out with an ice cream milkshake IPA beer. Carvel was our go-to for ice cream and ice cream cakes when I was growing up. We would always get the Cookie Puss or the Fudgie The Whale cake to celebrate our birthdays. Now Carvel has taken it one step further.

According to, Carvel has teamed up with Captain Lawrence Brewing Company to launch their Cookie Puss Milkshake Birthday Beer. This is a limited edition beer to celebrate 85 years of Carvel. It is inspired by their Cookie Puss cake and it blends the vanilla Carvel ice cream with milk and sugar to give it a rich and smooth taste. The IPA has a 7.5 ABV.

The new brew will be available for pre-order HERE. But you have to act fast because this is a limited edition beer and won't last long.

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