My mom turned 75 yesterday (May 3rd) and we were trying to figure out how we could make it special in these social distancing times we live in. It took a bit of organizing, but I think we made her day as special as we could. My mom is always going above and beyond to make everyone feel great. Whether it's a painting she does, or just to lend a helping hand, my mom is always there for everyone.

We were supposed to go on a cruise to celebrate her 75th birthday, but with the pandemic, that was canceled. Growing up in Mechanicville and my mom still living there, I knew I could count on the city to help.

I called the police department earlier in the week and asked for a police escort to hold a surprise parade for my mom. I made a Facebook invite and over 50 cars and about 70 people drove past my mom to celebrate her milestone birthday.


She felt so loved and was completely surprised. Thanks to everyone who made my mom's birthday very special. Check out our 75th birthday surprise parade.

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