I'm not sure how I feel about this one, to be perfectly honest.  I'll let you decide if the punishment fit the "crime".

Check out this story from Paterson, New Jersey  (is Paterson spelled right?) and then you tell me if this principal deserved a demotion and relocation.  I got this from Newser.com

Ok -here's my two sense - I mean CENTS.  Yes, it's embarrassing for the school to have misspellings.  It borders on laughable.  And yes, the principal is ultimately at the helm, so he or she should have been aware of the sign and had it changed immediately.  But to be basically "fired" over it?     Unless there's more to this story, I think it's pretty harsh.

Now it's YOUR turn.  Let me know how you feel.  Be very careful though - I check for speling.