That's ridiculous, isn't it?  One simple spelling eror and a 12 year old kid is denied his prize on Jeopardy.  Totally absurd!  Or do you think it's justified?  Let's see how you stand on this important isue.

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Yes, I purposely misspelled those words for effect.  Of course, I'm not up for a cash prize, so it doesnt matter.  But unfortunately, 12 year old Thomas Hurley III wasn't so lucky.

The answer: Abraham Lincoln called this document a "fit and necessary war measure".

What's the question?  What is the Emancipation Proclamation?  That is the correct response, and the boy from Connecticut answered it that way, according to  Unfortunately, he wrote "EmancipTation" instead, and was denied the prize.  Alex said that his response was "badly misspelled".

This has caused a pretty big response on the Jeopardy Facebook page.  Here are just a few of the comments posted on there.

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Personally, I'm a stickler on trying to spell correctly, and I think it should be pointed out that he misspelled the word, yes.  But I thought that knowledge of the subject matter was much more important than spelling ability on that show.   I mean, Einstein couldn't spell! John F Kennedy was a bad speller!

So if  Einstein Jr was on Jeopardy and misspelled the answer, they would deny HIM?  What's your take?  Here's the poll question.  We welcome your involvement!