Father's day was a week ago and this was a cute little segment we aired in the days leading up.  Here's the set-up:  I visited my son Brody's school and recorded a conversation with he and his classmates asking random questions about their father. Things like 'what does Daddy say when he might be a …
Local School District Conducting Major Hiring Spree
Out of work or looking to move to a new part of the Capital Region? A local school district has just announced what appears to be a major hiring spree. They are looking for everything from teachers and aides, to school bus drivers, maintenance personnel, food service helpers and much more.
School District to Limit Homework time.
How much homework does your grade school child have each night? My 6th grader, depending on the night, can have up to an hour and a half of homework. That doesn't look like that will change any time soon because we are in the Shen school district. For those in the Niskayuna district, you can ex…
Video Shows School Bus Driver Allowing Kids To Drive
Imagine your child getting dropped off at home by school bus only to find out later - perhaps during dinner conversation - that their driver allowed them to take the wheel? This actually happened, and there's video to prove it, and the driver is facing serious charges.
Local School Buying Supplies For Students
School supplies can be expensive, not only for families but also for teachers. Many parents can't afford to buy all of the tools needed for their kids at school. Now a local school is taking that burden away without costing taxpayers more.
Top Places For Sledding On Your Next Snow Day
Happy snow days are here again! We received a little taste of the white stuff over the weekend and with more expected in the next few days, it's officially sledding season.  Bundle up, and find a new gem of a place to go sledding in the Capital Region.

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