Don't scream at me yet!   Not trying to take sides politically.  To me it matters not how you vote.  This is just a comment about the  issue in general.

In a nutshell, our NY Governor (and soon to be "ex") has to pay over $60,ooo in fines for his illegally accepting Yankees Tix months ago.  That's the key word here---MONTHS ago.  Could they not have waited until after the holidays?

Not asking for total forgiveness.  Yes, it is illegal.   And maybe legally they have to slap him with the fine while still in office.  Not sure.  I should have googled that before writing this, but.......whatever..

This little song was an attempt to lift the poor guy's spirits before Xmas, so I hope he was listening.  If not, please consider this an instant replay, just like in baseball!   And  I hope you all get a chuckle out of this yourself!    Thanks to Sean and Richie Show Producer Levack for his help with the one-liners on this little live ditty from this morning (12/21/10)