Details are beginning to emerge how the state will approach the reopening of schools.

A more concrete plan about how schools will be cleared to reopen is starting to emerge. In his press conference earlier today, Governor Cuomo announced that "schools in a region can reopen if that region is in Phase IV of reopening and if its daily infection rate remains below 5 percent or lower using a 14-day average since unPAUSE was lifted," according to the Governor's office. After Auh. 1, if the 7 day average of the rate hits 9% or higher schools would have to close. Outside of the infection rate, the state has addressed many other issues in their full reopening guidance outline.

So it looks like we finally have some details on how schools can begin reopening this fall. Basically, if the virus remains under control and infection rates low we should be in good shape for kids to go back to school in some form. How that looks in your local district will still be up to your local school officials. Local districts have to submit reopening plans to the state by July 31st, according to the Governor's office.

There are certainly many opinions on schools reopening, many of which you can see in a discussion we started on the GNA Facebook page. Some feel schools should fully open, while some feel they should stay closed. The majority though seem to favor a mixed approach of in-school and remote learning, which may the best plan. This way kids are getting the benefits of in-school learning while minimizing the time spent at school. Join the conversation here.

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