According to the Schenectady Police Department, the black bear seen galivanting throughout various neighborhoods in the Electric City appears to have headed back into the forest.  For a few hours, it was at the very least a mild concern to those in the Woodlawn neighborhood of the city.   Photos and videos of the bear began popping up all over social media and here's how the bear appeared on many people's news feeds on Tuesday morning.

Shortly after 9AM on Tuesday morning, the Schenectady Police Department alerted citizens that multiple calls came in from people claiming to have seen the bear wandering through the Woodlawn section of the city.  Those reports, according to the Schenectady Police Department were confirmed by members of the Schenectady PD who also witnessed it.  At that time, schools were notified and the NYS DEC was asked to assist them.

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Shortly after 12PM, the Schenectady Police Department updated the Schenectady bear story with a Facebook post that stated:

"At this time, it appears to have retreated to the wooded area of the Woodlawn Nature Preserve and is no longer on public roadways or private property. We are hopeful that it will continue to move on its way from the city and back into its natural habitat."

Here's a video of the bear that Mike Cassella of Schenectady posted to his Facebook.  The video was shot by a friend of his and WGNA was given permission to use.


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