Child Left Unnatended on Lake George Beach, 5 Feet from Shore

A mom and dad, who police say left their infant child unattended in Lake George while they were out boating on the lake, were arrested on Tuesday afternoon, according to sources.  Thankfully, the baby is okay despite being alone just a few feet from the shore.

Parents from PA Charged with Inexcusable Act

According to a report by the New York State Police, the incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon near Lake Shore Drive in the Town of Lake George.

While temperatures soared in the Capital Region, a couple from Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania, allegedly decided to take a boat ride. In doing so, they left something behind: their infant baby.

The report states that State Police of Queensbury arrested Paul D. Thorley, 30, of Mount Pocono, PA, and Mary E. Thorley, 28, of Mount Pocono, PA, each for Endangering the Welfare of a Child.

According to the report, at 5:47 PM on Tuesday, Troopers "responded to the area of Lake Shore Drive in Lake George, NY, for the report of an infant left unattended on the beach."

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Lake Shore Drive in Lake George, near where an infant was found left alone by parents who were out on a boat. Photo: Google Maps

How Long Was the Baby Left There?

According to the report, someone in the area heard the child crying for a while "and discovered the child alone on the beach approximately five feet from the shoreline."

The child's parents, P. Thorley and M. Thorley, reportedly left the child unattended for approximately 15 minutes while boating in the lake.

Parents Arrested

Police didn't say how the child was doing, but all reports indicate that he or she, despite the emotional trauma, was physically unharmed.

Both parents were arrested and transported to SP Chestertown for processing. They were issued appearance tickets returnable to the Lake George Town Court on June 27, 2024, and released.

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