From Skeptic to Obsessed: The Air Fryer
I'm convinced that the Power XL Air Fryer Pro may be the greatest kitchen/household appliance invention in the last 25 years.  I skeptically started using the one that my girlfriend Samantha bought for the house a few weeks ago and I'm literally air-frying everything...
5 Cool Places CDTA Can Take You
You might not realize you can get to these major shopping and entertainment venues on Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA)—but you can!
Best Ciders to Get You into Apple Pickin’ Mode [SPONSORED]
We all love to go crazy for pumpkin spice flavored EVERYTHING when the harvest/fall season is approaching. However, it seems to have over shadowed the great products we can make from apples!
As New Yorkers, many of us have memories of going to orchards to pick apples as kids and enjoying hot app…

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