It might be easier trying to hit a jackpot on a progressive slot machine than figure out what part of phase 4 Rivers Casino in Schenectady will reopen.  Signs do point to it happening sooner rather than later, but it's still anyone's guess.  Here's what we know so far.

It's been increasingly frustrating seeing casinos in central and western New York (as well as Connecticut and Massachusetts) reopen, while we keep crapping out.  On social media, Rivers puts up content almost daily on their Facebook page; posting everything from food recipes, live music, to messages about various social issues.  Inevitably, the question arises from players asking "when they're going to reopen." Rivers employees  answer most of the inquiries with a stock message from management saying that they hope everyone remains patient, that they miss their guests too.  This was recently posted on their Facebook page:

"Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady will reopen when the state determines that it is safe to do so."


or this: 


"We will be sure to keep you posted as soon as we have a date! We appreciate your patience and hope to welcome you back soon!"

So when will Rivers reopen?

While nothing has been determined yet, the reopening of Rivers is part of phase 4 which is set to begin on Wednesday July 1st.  But phase 4 could be broken up into many different levels and it's unlikely that Rivers will be a part of the first wave to reopen this week.

An employee I've spoken to told me that even the casino dealers have no clue when they'll be back to work saying that they get "no updates at all." A trusted poker dealer at Rivers told me that she heard that the casino will more than likely "open up before the poker room does." Bummer for poker players.

An employee I've spoken to personally claims that even the casino dealers have no clue when they'll be back to work saying that they get "no updates at all."

There is a sense of optimism though as a trusted source who works with Rivers on the food and beverage side told me that they've got a "tentative first food order for the 8th" of July, but that it's not "set in stone."

July 8th would be one week after phase 4 happens here in the Capital Region, but at this point it seems like a longshot.

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