Frank Scavio, owner of Paesan's Pizza says he and the kids run downstairs and huddle around the computer/phone to watch Dave Portnoy, owner of Barstool Sports do frozen pizza reviews.  Paesan's Pizza has been a longtime staple here in the Capital Region, a family owned pizza spot that has been bringing a little taste of Brooklyn to the 518 since 1994.   I personally think Frank is a one helluva guy, and hard worker and I've known him and his brother Lorenzo for years.  Just like the Scavio family, I'm a big fan of all things Portnoy and get excited anytime he shouts out a local business especially one that I have a personal connection to like Paesan's. Scavio says he has been shipping Paesan's frozen pies to Portnoy religiously, hoping to get a pizza review from the Barstool president to give his business a little kick.  After a few failed attempts, they finally got their wish.

In this 7 minute pizza review viewed by tens of thousands of 'stoolies',  Portnoy poked some good-natured fun at Frank and the kids, talked about passing through Albany on his way to the Saratoga Race Course and even managed to bungle the name 'Paesan's' about half a dozen times.  But that's part of the charm of El Prez.  He's unfiltered, NOT SAFE FOR WORK (or kids) but that's why America loves him, even if they don't admit it.   Oh, and there's always a risk when Dave reviews your pizza - if he hates it, he won't sugar coat it and it could damage your business.  But if he loves it, it could be the just what the doctor ordered at a time when local businesses could use a little kick. During this lockdown, Portnoy has reviewed about 30 different frozen pizzas.  from national chains, to the small moms and pops.  I won't give it away, but I will say this: when Scavio and family gathered around the phone or the computer to watch, my guess is it probably felt like Christmas morning.  Check out the review here:


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