A song inspired by a line from Al Sharpton when referring to Michael Jackson at his memorial service.  Hey, you never know where inspiration comes from on Write A Song Wednesday, where the listeners come up with the lyrics and I put music to it (all live on the air!) 

Once again, I have to thank each and every listener for taking time out of their busy morning to joke around with us.  I'm constantly astounded by what you come up with.  And please, don't take offense if we don't use your idea.  We just simply look for the best line that fits the "rhythm".

Ok, here were your contributions and the finished product.  (And thanks to Sean for bailing us out and finding the Al Sharpton audio!)

Your Lyrics!

Wasn't nutting strange about your daddy

but let me tell you little bit bout your mom
your momma didn't know who your real daddy was
but you wouldn't believe ...what she did at her prom  the boys
the boys took numbers to meet under the bleachers
and you know they weren't goin to meet with the preachers
she was such a tease
she made em say please
for every little squeeze
Wasn't' unuttin strange about your daddy
but what your mamma did was so wrong
the only thing stranger than your mama
is the lyrics you came up with for  this song

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