No, I'm not a part-time real estate agent.  I have no desire.  But if I was, this would be one hell of a good listing to get.  You won't believe what they are asking!

It's the iconic Neverland Ranch , listed on Google as 93441, 5225 Figueroa Mountain Road, Los Olivos, CA 93441.   I put it into Google Earth, and this is what came up.

Google Earth

Isn't that freaky?  Well, I guess the whole place has been refurbished.  According to a very fascinating website calle , the King of Pop's "crib" is now available for the amazing price of just $100 MEEEEEELLION dollars.

Here are a couple of shots from the website.  it looks totally different (to me at least ).

They didn't include interior photos, darn it.  But here is a partial description of what the house includes, according to the website.  By the way, it's now called Sycamore Valley Ranch.

The main house at 12,000 square feet has rooms of large scale containing formal rooms, fireplaces, a comfortable but commercially functioning eat-in kitchen, hardwood floors from an 18th century French villa, six bedrooms including a master suite complex on two levels with fireplace in sitting room, two large baths and cedar walk-in closets, one with a hidden safe room. There is a four-bedroom guesthouse, a two-bedroom guesthouse, a natural looking free-form swimming pool, large covered barbecue area, basketball court, tennis court, 50-seat movie theater with private balcony and a stage and a four-acre lake with waterfall. ….


I guess the big question is - how would you feel living in this place, even if you COULD afford the price tag?  The place has a lot of "history", if you know what I mean.  Then again, what a conversation starter to own it!  If I bought it, right after I closed on the house,  I'd learn to moonwalk across the kitchen floor.  Then I'd run all around looking for the recording studio.  OMG -to own THAT?

Check out all the other stars' homes on this site.  It's fascinating!




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