You heard me.  They're TOTALLY awesome, and they're going to get a theme song, darn it, and a good one too!   They are now part of a new club here at the radio ranch.  They are going to have their town immortalized in song (for better or for worse)  for Your Town Thursday !

Why are Northville people awesome?  I'll tell you why.  They came through with lots of great information, although I could always use more!

Ok -here's some factoids that I've gotten so far:

. only one bank

. home of the annual "Doin's"

. The Red Barn

. The Ring of Fire (wait!  I could use the Johnny Cash song!)

. The men are men and the sheep are scared (don't know if I'm using this line)

. Snowmobiles, ice fishing

. Lanzi's On The Lake

I even have some pictures to put in here thanks to Amanda Casey.  I'll throw one in here. I'm saving the rest for the final blog



Wow!  I'd like to keep going here, but I've got some rhyming to do to get this done by Thursday.  I can't thank you all enough for sending me what you did.  I love it when there's almost too much information!

The song will air at 8:50 am Thursday morning and repeated here in the blogs section.  Just type in "Northville" in the search and you will find it.

Let the rhyming begin!