New Yorkers at times get a bad rep. I blame Manhattan for that. Delve a little deeper into the state and we are the best people in the country.

If you think this is a bit of a stretch, just keep reading. I understand it may come off as braggadocios but whatever. We are a good bunch of people, for the most part. Sure here in the Capital Region there may be a fair amount of crime, discount that. There are a lot of things about us that only we can say. Whether its food, history, geography or anything else here are some reasons.

  • We are very loyal especially to our sports teams.
  • We love scenic things, and have a lot of them.
  • We know how to party it up, maybe too much.
  • We love being outdoors even in the winter.
  • We have awesome food, unhealthy but awesome.
  • We go big for the holidays, like Chevy Chase in Christmas Vaction.
  • We appreciate the past, drive ins.
  • We are very good to our neighbors, even you Vermont!
  • We have a huge wild streak, polar plunge just saying.
  • We have a lot of farmers markets and love local things.
  • We don't mind horrible weather.
  • We know that there is more to our state than NYC and would rather take the rest.

Add some things to the list. Do you think we are some of the best people in the country?

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