Debbie was telling me about her friend Amy, a single mom of three young boys who went to Olive Garden for one of the kids’ birthday dinner.  They were just sitting there enjoying their breadsticks and a family having dinner nearby noticed that she was sitting there alone with the three kids. 

Before the other family left the restaurant, they stopped by the table to talk with Amy for a few minutes and left.  She thought it was odd- but then the waitress came over and said that the family had paid for their meal and wouldn’t let the waitress tell them until after they had left. (The photo of the receipt is a little blurry, but it says "a random act of kindness - paid - Bob & Jen".)

It reminds me of Clay Walker’s Chain of Love song.  So let’s keep the chain of love moving! What can you do for someone else today?  A random act of kindness, if you will!  Do you have any stories of nice things people have done for you unexpectedly? Share them in the comments - we love to hear these “feel good” stories.

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