Thanks to all of our Green Island Facebook friends, this song came together rather quickly.  I couldn't have done it without you!    Here's your song, guys! 

This has been Green Island week for me.  I had the opportunity to visit the Heatly school for my Reading, Writing, and Rhyming tour, and it was a blast.  The teachers and the kids really made me feel at home. The school had a real "small town" feel to it.  Maybe that's because it is!  In fact, Green Island is only 1 square mile!

Which leads me to the project at hand -this week's "Your Town Thursday" installment .

I'm going to give this to you two ways - audio only and a little video that I've been messing with.  Unfortunately I only had 5 or 6 pictures to incorporate.  If anyone has more that I am allowed to repost (including a picture of the Mayor and the rest of the McNulty's!),  please email them to and I'll slip them into my slideshow!

Here's the slideshow - audio only version beneath it.

Audio only

Photos by  Google Earth






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