Awesome!  Fantastic! I was bummed when I had to leave!  What a fun, creative bunch of students at the Heatly School In Green Island, and they have a great message for anyone who finds themselves in a possible altercation with another.   In fact, they made a YouTube video! 

Heatly 1
photo by Richie Phillips


The kids wanted to parody a Beatles song.  I'm all in!  The perfect fit for the subject matter seemed to be "Let It Be".   (If you find yourself in times of trouble….. etc)

Here is their very clever rewrite.  First the audio only version.  But we have something special following this.  They made a VIDEO!!

And now, as promised….

i had such a great time with Mrs. LittleJohn's class. Special thanks to her along with Mrs. DeCianni,  Music teacher, Mrs. Dzembo, Ms. VanValkenburgh and Ms. Clark.

Please feel free to leave you comments at the bottom and congratulate these great aspiring songwriters!

neatly school rrr


neatly school lyrics walk away rrr
photo Richie Phillips


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