There was a cool sight in the Capital Region this weekend along the Hudson River. A harbor seal was spotted by a resident. According to CBS 6 Albany, one of their viewers sent in a video they took of what looks like a seal resting on a slab of ice on the Hudson River. The man who took the video, Bob Johnson, recorded it near Green Island on Saturday.

CBS 6 Albany, Bob Johnson, video
CBS 6 Albany, Bob Johnson, video

He then contacted the Department of Environmental Conservation to find out why harbor seals would be this far up the Hudson River. Apparently they tend to stay in New York Harbor, but if they are hungry enough, they will travel up the river to search for food.

Three years ago there was a grey seal stuck in the locks by the Champlain Canal. They had to drain the lock and then return the seal to Long Island.

This seal that was spotted in Green Island isn't trapped, so they will keep tabs on it to see if it returns down river.

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