Leah from Green Island sent us a video featuring her adorable 8 month old, Noah jamming out to some WGNA music.  She told us that her little 'Noah Bear' starts to growl when playfully, she turns off his favorite song.  She wasn't kidding. Watch the video for yourself and see how little Noah doesn't mess around when it comes to his favorite song.

In this adorable Facebook video sent to us from GNA listener Leah Sandercox, her 8 month old son Noah is jamming along to the sounds of 'Up, Down' by Morgan Wallen and FGL and for the moment, life is good.

But this cute little cub with the chubby cheeks she calls 'Noah Bear' becomes quite the grizzly when suddenly mama turns off the music.  Noah's too young to speak, but his eyes and actions tell the story without him saying a word.

Turns out, when it comes to Noah and his love for GNA music like 'Up, Down', keep the music on and don't you dare poke the bear!

(video courtesy of Leah Sandercox Facebook)

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