Green Island is in mourning on Sunday as a tragic incident occurred late Saturday night in Cohoes as 4 teens were struck by a car.  All 4 of the students involved go to Heatly School in Green Island, one of the teenagers unfortunately, lost his life.

According to the Times Union, Heatly School in Green Island will be closed on Monday for regular school activities.  Instead,  grief counselors will be made available to talk to students following the tragic pedestrian/car accident that took place around 11 pm on Saturday night.

According to sources, a 17-year-old male student at Heatly was unresponsive on the scene and later pronounced deceased at a local hospital. Another male, also 17, is in serious condition while a 15-year-old female and a 16-year-old male did not suffer what appear to be life threatening injuries.

According to the report, 6 teenagers were said to have crossed 787 at Tibbits Ave after visiting a gas station in Cohoes.  Making their way back to Green Island, the teenagers tried to run through a green light when the vehicle struck 4 of the teenagers.


787 Tibbits Ave Google Maps
787 Tibbits Ave
Google Maps

Police say the driver of the vehicle stopped immediately following the accident, and was cooperating with law enforcement.  The names of the students have not been released yet until more information is made available.

According to the report, a vigil will take place at the school on Tuesday evening.

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